Contract Terms

This contract for work is made as of date by and between Parthenon Marble and Granite. (herein after referred to as "Parthenon Marble and Granite." or "PMG") and client name, (herein after referred to as "you," "your," or "client") who desires Parthenon Marble and Granite to provide services to client and client desires to obtain such services from Parthenon Marble and Granite.

  • Price is subject to change with any additions or alterations to the "Total Bid Price Includes" section detailed below.
  • All changes will be presented in a revised estimate and must be confirmed by client in writing or confirmation email prior to fabrication.

Unless expressly noted, the work quoted includes only stone templating, fabrication and installation. Exclusive of plumbing, electrical and woodwork.

Total Bid Price Includes

  • One template trip and one installation trip (unless otherwise specified). Any additional trips per the request of the client or due to the jobsite not being properly prepared may result in an additional trip charge.

Parthenon Marble and Granite will do our best to meet your schedule. We understand the construction industry and that timing is everything. If your project becomes delayed, please inform us as soon as possible, and we will adjust your dates to our first available spot. Please be aware, this may result in a delay of installation. If you need to reschedule your dates for template or install, please let us know at least 2 days prior, or there may be up to a $250 charge added to your final invoice.

Template Procedure

  • Deposit must be paid for and delivered to PMG prior to your template date being set.
  • Someone of authority with decision making ability must be onsite for the template.
  • Dust will be raised during the tear out, template, and installation processes. We will contain the dust as much as possible, but if there are any specific concerns, please inform PMG in writing prior to the commencement of our work.
  • Cabinets must be fully installed prior to template. If the cabinetry is not set in place and ready at the time of template and we need to return to template, there will be an additional $250.00 trip charge. Your installation date will also be pushed back to our next available installation date.
  • Existing counter tops must be completely removed prior to template (unless PMG is doing the existing counter top tear out).
  • Unless requested otherwise in advance, the template of the countertops will be made in alignment with the lower cabinets. PMG is not responsible for any misalignment between the upper and lower cabinets.
  • Sink(s), faucet(s), and cook top must be onsite, but not installed (with the exception of an apron/ farmhouse style sink). An apron/farmhouse style sink must be set into place, but not hooked up prior to template.
  • Any overhang over 12” (10” for 3cm material) must have additional support every 3 feet in the form of brackets, corbels, or steel reinforcements. This is not included in your estimate unless specified needs to be installed prior to your countertop install or agreements for PMG to install need to be in place prior to the installation appointment.
  • If you will have a granite full backsplash installation, any obstacles including, but not limited to, plugs, switch cover, and under counter lighting, must be removed prior to template.
  • Joints and Seams will be located at the sole discretion of PMG.
  • Standard Backsplash dimensions are 3CM or full thickness of the slab. We do offer milling the backsplash down to 2CM. This does have an additional charge of $4 a linear foot. Only Quartz and some granites are eligible for milling as it does weaken the stone.

I have read and understand and agree to comply with the Template Procedure (Initial)

Material Disclaimer

  • Stone slabs are products of nature and different characteristics are common. As a result, variations in texture and color, as well as fissures, pitting, and chipping are all common and considered normal. Parthenon Marble and Granite. does not typically make any repairs to the surface of the slab. If you have concerns regarding your material, please contact Parthenon Marble and Granite. prior to the purchase of your material.
  • In the event of a fissure(s) in your material, Parthenon Marble and Granite will make their best effort to avoid them whenever possible. If they are not avoidable, they will do their best to reinforce them when possible. If a fracture occurs during fabrication or installation, Parthenon Marble and Granite. will do their best to repair the problem but will not be held responsible for replacement of the material.
  • In the event the material selected is a remnant piece out of Parthenon Marble and Granites inventory and due to risks inherent to the fabrication & handling the piece becomes unsuitable for use, you may select another remnant of equal value to replace the selection. PMG will not procure a replacement piece of the same material that is not currently in inventory.

I have read and understand the Material Disclaimer (Initial) Contract Terms.

Installation Procedure

  • PMG installers will arrive onsite within the previously agreed upon window of time. A homeowner, contractor, or person of authority must be onsite and available to let the PMG team into the residence as well as be available to make any pertinent decisions. If PMG is delayed or unable to complete our services because of the client’s or person of authority's unavailability, an additional trip charge will be added to your final invoice.
  • PMG will set and secure sink(s) into place with the needed silicone caulking, sink setters, and/or wood cleats & routering of plywood. However, any plumbing connection(s) of said sink(s) will need to be completed by someone licensed to do so. PMG is not licensed to provide this service.
  • PMG will cut an opening for the cook top. However, any gas or electrical connection(s) of said cook top will need to be completed by someone licensed to do so. PMG is not licensed to provide this service.
  • All cooktops and mounted sinks and core drilling requirements need to be on the job site on the day of installation. If materials are missing the day of the scheduled installation, a return trip will be required. This will result in an additional $250.00 trip charge. PMG cannot guarantee an immediate return due to our work schedule.
  • Any oversized or extraordinarily large, fabricated pieces as well as additional floors will incur an additional surcharge to be determined at the time of estimate or template. This is to ensure the safety of our installers, the integrity of the piece being installed, and your home.
  • All disconnect/reconnect of any appliance is the responsibility of the homeowner or builder.
  • Plumbing disconnects are not covered in any contracts unless otherwise, expressly noted. If PMG is tasked with this, a $300 charge will be added to the final payment or billed after installation.
  • Mirrors (to be) mounted above backsplashes or countertops are the responsibility of the homeowner or builder. Existing mirrors are to be removed before the installation of the material being installed. Mirrors are only to be reinstalled after material installation is complete. If mirrors are not removed, we will not be responsible for any damage (unless caused by carelessness on our part).
  • Parthenon Marble and Granite will be as careful and professional as possible while installing your job. However, occasionally minor damage can occur to drywall to ensure a safely installed piece. PMG will not be responsible for any damage (unless caused by carelessness on our part).

I have read and understand and agree to comply with the Installation Procedure (Initial).

Sealer & Maintenance Information

  • All natural stone surfaces that PMG fabricates will be sealed at time of installation.
  • It is recommended to reseal natural stone surfaces every 6 months to one year. This assists in preventing materials from absorbing into your countertops. Please note that sealer will not change the sheen or appearance of your stone, nor will it prevent against chipping or etching.
  • We recommend using a mild detergent or Natural Stone Cleaner (specifically designed for natural stone care) to clean your countertops. For more information about stone care, please contact your material supplier. Also, please DO NOT USE normal abrasive cleaners/products such as: Bleach, Windex, Soft Scrub, Pinesol, 409, etc. on your stone surfaces. These can eventually dull the surface of your stone and strip the sealer.
  • For Quartz countertop care and warranty information, please see the specific product website.
  • Periodically examine the silicone caulking around your sink. Over time, if it becomes cracked or worn, be sure to re-caulk it in order to maintain the integrity of the seal to prevent water damage between your counters and cabinets.

I have read and understand and agree to comply with the Sealer & Maintenance Information (Initial)

Payment Terms

  • Payment will be made in 2 transations. The first 50% payment is due upon confirmation of the job in the form of a deposit in the form of cash/check/money order or Credit Card. The remaining balance inclusive of any job modifications is DUE IN FULL at installation in the form of cash/check/money order or credit card payable to Parthenon Marble and Granite (No project will be entered into the production schedule without the required deposit. The payment of the deposit is considered acceptance of quote price.)
  • If payment is not received in full within 30 days of project completion, a 3% charge will be added to the invoice and the adjusted invoice will be sent to the client. If any legal action must be taken by PMG to receive money owed, the defendant shall pay any and all legal costs to the victor of the suit as well as any collection charges.
  • All Credit Card transactions are subject to a 3.4% non cash transaction fee.
  • All disputes will be adjudicated in Pasco County Courts.
  • All materials supplied by PMG remain the property of Parthenon Marble and Granite until the balance is paid in full. In case of non payment we will require access to remove any property that was not purchased in full.

I have read and understand and agree to comply with the Payment Terms (Initial)

Contract Terms

Remnant Policy After we cut your material, there is a possibility of remnant pieces being left over. If you would like your useable remnants (larger than 2’x3’), it is mandatory to inform PMG in writing prior to installation. If you would like a display/cutting board (approx. 12"x14") for an additional charge of $100, please let PMG know at template. Please be aware these are heavy and any damage to the counters by mishandling the cutting board are the owner’s responsibility. It is your responsibility to make arrangements to have your remnants picked up from PMG. PMG will not deliver remnants at the time of your installation. Please call to schedule an appointment to pick up your remnants.

Sink cut outs are waste material and are disposed of during the cutting process and are not offered for sale.

Any remnants not picked up within 30 days of installation will be deemed abandoned and PMG has the right to dispose of them.

Yes, I want my remnants

No, I do not want my remnants (if left unchecked, PMG will assume ownership of remnants)

I have read and understand and agree to comply to the Remnant Policy (Initial)


If during or after installation you decide that you do not approve of the material you selected or the natural color variations and veining of your installation, replacement is not covered under this contract. This contract does not cover the natural characteristics of stone, which include, but are not limited to, color variations, water lines, fissures, surface pits and blemishes that are a part of the characteristics of the materials.

Sink cut outs are waste material and are disposed of during the cutting process and are not offered for sale.

Any remnants not picked up within 30 days of installation will be deemed abandoned and PMG has the right to dispose of them.

I, (Client name), have read and understand and agree to comply to all of the above Contract Terms. I understand that any changes or adjustments must be made in writing prior to the commencement of work.

Client Signature